Frequently asked questions about car rental in Colombia

Previous Requirements
What are the requirements to rent a Vvehicle with Alamo Rent a Car?

• 25 Years or older
• Valid original driver's license
• Citizenship identification card and original Passport
• BankCredit Card with available balance (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)

What type of Driver´s License do I need?

A valid Driver´s License. Please bring the physical document as it needs to be checked by our agents

Can I rent a vehicle without having a credit card and meet the other requirements?

No, the credit card is essential to be able to carry out the process and have a temporary guarantee from the client.

Can I rent a vehicle in my name, but with a credit card of a friend, my wife/husband or family?

No, all documents, including the credit card must correspond to the person who rents the vehicle.

What model of vehicles does Alamo have in the fleet?

The fleet is made up of sedans from small to large, SUVs, pick ups and VANs with no more than 2 years of being in our fleet.

How safe are your vehicles?

Our vehicles have been carefully chosen and all our vehicles are maintained in authorized dealers with only original spare parts to ensure the safety of our customers. All of fleet is renewed every 18 months so as to ensure you are driving a recent and safe vehicle.

Can I bring my pet with me in the car?

Yes, if you take care of the smell and upholstery of the vehicle. In case there is any odor, hair, or dirty upholstery an additional charge for cleaning may be charged to your vehicle.

Do the vehicles have a system for paying tolls?

No, tolls must be paid in cash only by the driver.

How and where should I return the vehicle I rented?

Yes, it is possible to make the delivery in another city in Colombia where we have an office, at the time of making the reservation you can choose a different city for the delivery or ask our agent at the counter for the drop off extra charge service.

What happens if I receive a traffic fine/ speed ticket?

If during the rental of the vehicle, you incur in a traffic fine or a speed ticket for example, you will be directly responsible for covering 100% of the value of fine . If you are outside the country, we will make the payment of the fine on your behalf and we will issue you an invoice plus 10% for administrative fees.

Do I have to deliver the vehicle with a full tank of gasoline?

The vehicle must be delivered with a full tank of gasoline, in case of not doing so, an the additional charge will be made. You can always prepay the full tank service and you can save time with this service, please ask our agents at the counter for our very competitive re-fuelling rates

Is smoking allowed in rental vehicles?

No. The Alamo fleet is a strictly a 100% non-smoking fleet and smoking in any form (pipe, cigarette, electronic cigarette, cigar or any other not stated) is prohibited on all Alamo vehicles. Just as Tthere will be anis extra charge to clean the interior of the vehicle from odours, excessive stains, dust or dirt attributable to customer use, an additional charge applies to customers if the vehicle smells of any type smoke when it is returned.

Will my personal insurance cover damage to an Alamo vehicle?

Contact your auto insurance company to confirm if your policy covers damage to the vehicle. In addition, you may have coverage through your credit card company. You should contact your insurance company or credit card company to confirm if there is any coverage available for rental vehicles before renting a vehicle specially oversees and in Colombia. Nonetheless, if you use your insurance, you will have to pay for the full value of any damage and we will issue and invoice for you to claim to your insurance..

Reservation Policies
What is guarantee deposit?

This is the amount that Alamo Rent a Car will hold temporarly in your credit card as a guarantee of the vehicle. At the end of the rental in case there are no damages made to the vehicle the amount will be reinstated within 3-12 business days.
It is mandatory to provide a physical credit card that has the numbers in high relief from a bank. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Credit Cards from supermarkets, affiliated businesses, digital or rechareable

Can I use a Debit Card or cash for the Car rental deposit?

No, the car rental deposit must be made with a major credit card from the main driver.

Can I pay with cash or with a Debit Card?

A credit card is required for the Car Rental Deposit. For the payment of rental, you may pay with a credit card or a debit card, no form of cash is accepted.

Are there mandatory coverages?

No, there are no mandatory coverages.

Can I purchase additional coverages at the Counter?

Of course! when you are at the Counter, you can talk to the rental agent to buy the protection you desire. For your peace of mind we prefer that you take the full protection package.

Can I return the car in another office or in the hotel where I am staying?

You may return the vehicle in any of our stations throughout the country. An additional fee may apply. In case you wish to make the car rental return in another place, please contact us to verify if this is possible and to give you the price.

What is the maximum number of days allowed to rent a vehicle?

The maximum number of days allowed to rent a vehicle is 30 days. However. this can be extended or renewed for another 30 days.

What happens if I do not return the car at the exact time that the contract says?

The contract provides you 2 hours of grace from there, additional charges may apply.

In any case, contact the office where you picked up your vehicle to informe if there is any delay.

Can I rent additional accessories?

Yes, the accessories we have available for renting your vehicle are:

1. Baby chair
3. WIFI – Portable Internet

Customer Service
What should I do if I have a collision / traffic accident?

In these cases, all our team is ready to help you. In these cases, please call our agents who will guide you through the process. Please do not move your vehicle or allow the third parties who have been involved to move them either.

As soon as possible, take pictures of the place, of the vehicles from different angles and if there are any relevant road signs, please ensure those are clearly seen in the pictures. A report from the transit polices officer is mandatory to be provided, thus ensure the vehicles are not moved from their location.

Where can I call if I have a problem with the car?

You can contact us to the following email address: or send us a WhatsApp message.

What happens if I lose the car keys or the documents of the vehicle?

You should call our help desk or contact the agency where you rented the vehicle. An additional charge will apply to replace the car keys and the car documents. If you have taken our Road Side Assitance Protection, and extra set of keys will be provide to you free of charge.

I forgot something in the car, what should I do?

You should contact our Customer Service Team or the office where you rented the vehicle.

In which cities are the offices located?

Our offices are located at:

• Bogotá
• Cali
• Medellín
• Santa Marta
• Cartagena
• Barranquilla

Can I make changes to an existing reservation?

Yes, you can see and modify your reservation by entering the following link: Modify your reservation, you must have your reservation confirmation number present in order to make the modification or you can contact us directly at 57 3102001617. If you have made a reservation through a tour operator or a website different from ours, they may have certain reaservation change policies, so please contact them directly.

How do I cancel an existing reservation?

You can cancel the reservation by entering the following link: Cancel your reservation, you must keep in mind the name of the client and the reservation confirmation number to enter them in the requested fields or you can contact us at +57 302001617

What are the reservation policies?

Our cancellation policies vary depending on the type of reservation you have made:

Was your credit card charged for the rental at the time of booking on
Please see our refund policy at this link: Terms of use

Did you make a reservation without providing your credit card information?
If you make a reservation without using a credit card and you no longer need the rental, please cancel the reservation as soon as possible before the scheduled pick-up time.

Did you relaunch a reservation at a travel agency or through an online booking agent?
Any reservations originally made with them are "taken over" by the travel agency or online

I responded to an advertised offer but the vehicle was not available. So why did they offer the special rate?

All offices have a limited inventory of each type of vehicle. Some vehicles and locations are more popular than others and sell out quickly, especially when rates are low on a high-demand rental date.

Can I rent a vehicle to take a test drive?

No. Due to the responsibility on your part, you must possess a valid driver's license to operate a rental vehicle.

What insurance do you offer while I am renting?

The purchase of one of our coverages or protection packages provides you with peace of mind and the certainty that you are protected against any damage to the rental vehicle, or theft of it. Before renting a vehicle, review the types of coverages that will be offered to you when you reserve online or pick up a vehicle.

As with any optional insurance or protection plan, savvy customers will want to do their research and consult their personal individual insurer before purchasing these options along with their rental. Alamo recommends that you determine whether or not you need coverage before you pick up the vehicle.

Are the optional protections really necessary?

Alamo offers several types of optional protections to protect you and your rental vehicle. We recommend all of them for your well being.

Before renting a vehicle, we recommend that you speak with your insurance agent or insurer to confirm that you have coverage in Colombia and the amounts covered. Please make sure and that you are fully protected. If you do not have any protection, we can always provide you our protection packages at the counter. Just ask any of our rental agents.
Learn more about the types of coverages that will be offered to you when you book online or pick up the vehicle.

Is it compulsory to take the protection?

No, but you will be 100% responsible for the vehicle and whatever damage is caused to you, your travelling partners in the car, and any other third party, in case of damage or collision. Check with your insurance company to determine if you have comprehensive coverage when you rent a vehicle in Colombia. In the event that you do not have the appropriate coverage, Alamo sells a variety of protection coverages for your rental.

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